• Full 8x Set Grill
  • Full 8x Set Grill
  • Full 8x Set Grill
  • Full 8x Set Grill

Full 8x Set Grill

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8x Set Gold Grill - Upper or Lower (optional)


  • 8x teeth full set
  • Free Impression kit included - 2x kits in each box
  • Mirror polish finish  

How it works: 

The first 2 mould kits are included in the price of your order. If the 3rd mould kit is required it can be purchased separately from our website.

1. Choose your gold type: Dental gold, 9k, 14k or 18k gold. 

2. Choose your gold colour:  from solid Rose, Yellow or White gold.

3. Order & pay 

4. Mouldkit will be posted to you, once we receive it back we'll begin 

5. All jobs are made to order, custom made from solid gold or Dental alloy (not plated) If your looking for quality you've found it!


Each piece is handmade, and will take approx 10-15 working days to process, extra design elements, may incur cost and time.