• Opal Inlay cap
  • Opal Inlay cap
  • Opal Inlay cap
  • Opal Inlay cap
  • Opal Inlay cap

Opal Inlay cap

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Opal Inlay cap - Blue or Pink 


  • Blue, Pink, Purple, Yellow  Opal's available (please let us know, on your order form)
  • Single opal cap - Custom cut, synthetic Opal
  • Free Impression kit included - 2x kits in each box
  • Mirror polish finish  

Please note; Inlay are made as thin as possible, but will typically run thicker than an average plain cap, to accommodate the custom cut stone.


How it works: 

The first 2x impressions are included in the price of your order. 

1. Choose your gold type: Dental gold, 9k, 14k or 18k gold. 

2. Choose your gold colour: 

 from solid Rose, Yellow or White gold.

3. Order & pay 

4. Mouldkit will be posted to you, once we receive it back we'll begin 

5. All jobs are made to order, custom made from solid gold or Dental alloy (not plated) If your looking for quality you've found it!



Each piece is handmade, and will take approx 15-20 working days to process, extra design elements, may incur cost and time. There is no refunds or exchanges once your order has been placed