Milk & Honey Grill Pendant Box

 A MilkandHoneyLondon Original. Honeycomb Inspired.

Grill Pendant box necklace & keychain.

Made from Sterling Silver & 18k yellow gold plated, with a 24” inch round snake chain and interchangeable 3” inch Cuban keychain, custom-fitted but optional protective foam inserts, for stable containment, fitted with a press to lock, locking function. Perfect for hanging on to your coin purse, keychain or simply dressed up with a couple chains, no need to compromise your style, this elegantly designed yet functional storage box, discreetly protects your caps and all your special trinkets.

**Limited to 15 of each colorway, this collector’s piece is individually numbered 1-15.**



  • One size
  • 925 Sterling silver – Quad dipped 18k yellow Gold
  • 1x 24’inch Round snake - necklace
  • 1x 3’inch Cuban link - keychain
  • Both interchangeable links 
  • Limited runs 
  • 2-4 caps maximum